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“I spent 57 years as a trapper and 17 years teaching at the Fur Takers College trying to teach a lot of the subject matter that Rich has put in the pages of Perfect Sets. My conclusion is this book will not only save you days, weeks and months, but will save you many years of trial and error on your trapline.” — Respectfully, Ron Leggett

“Rich Faler left no stone unturned in this vast epilog of set possibilities. Whether you are trapping in dust or mud, rain or snow, swap muck or mid-winter tundra, the solution is found within these pages. The chapter on making waxed dirt alone is with the price of this book and is just a start of he wide scope of diverse information found in this full color, photo packed 128 page edition. You will be a better trapper for reading this book.” — Leroy Renno, Juniata Valley Trapping Supply & Renno’s Animal Lures

Decades in the making, here’s the answer to the most asked questions by trappers year after year—how to solidly bed in different soils, how to conceal your trap from the furbearer, and how to weatherproof under a wide range of conditions with many methods. Perfect Sets covers these critical components in depth. Many full-color photos. Perfect Sets is the answer to upping your trapping success. 128 Full Color Pages!

Perfect Sets - Digital Download

  • Buyers receive a download link on the Thank You page of the Checkout. You will also receive an email with a link that will be good for 30 days.

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