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Frequently asked


  • Is First Fork Publications open to submissions and queries?
    Yes, we are always looking for works from new and established writers. Queries preferred. Proposals okay, too. Email either to and in the subject line write "Submission".
  • What if my reading device won't open a PDF file?
    These ebooks are currently offered as PDF files with the intention that they can be read and-or downloaded onto just about any electronic device for your viewing pleasure. If for whatever reason your reading device cannot open one of our ebooks, please contact us at and let us know which device you are using to read the book. We have other formats available and can send you the correct file for your device.
  • The fly patterns I want aren't listed here.
    Looking for a pattern not currently offered in our Fly Shop? Please drop us a line. We will custom tie fly packages to suit your needs. We also offer discounts for bulk orders larger than 500 flies.
  • Do you do bulk orders for fly shops?
    Yes, but lead times can vary. Depending on the size of the order, please let us know several months in advance which patterns and quantities you'd like to have in stock. We offer significant discount on orders of 500 flies or more.
  • Who is in charge of this mess?
    Ralph Scherder is the madman behind all of this, which is why you'll notice that his name appears on most of the books and DVDs in the Bookstore. He has also tied all of the flies and taken all of the photographs.
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