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Old Hunting Photographs

I love old hunting photographs. I found this one in a gunsmith's shop near Oil City, PA. He had a bunch of old photos tacked to the ceiling crossbeams, and as I waited for him to fix something on a rifle, my eyes kept going to this one. He could tell I was fascinated by it and gave it to me.

A couple of interesting things about this picture. 1) Back in the old days, photographers often traveled around from deer camp to deer camp to take photos for a price. 2) The limit for deer in the 1920s, when this photo was taken, was 6 deer per camp, no matter how many hunters were in the camp. 3) Love the old lever action rifles, no scopes! Likely they hunted as a group, pushing out many of the cuts for deer and bear -- this was in the heyday of the logging industry, after all.

According to the gunsmith, the camp where this was taken was located somewhere in southern Potter County. He said the owner of the camp was a fighter pilot in World War I, but I've never been able to find any information about the camp or its owner to back up that claim. If anyone happens to have any information about this photo or the people in it, I'd love to hear from you.

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