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Welcome to the Big Woods Blog

The name says it all. If it has to do with mountain bucks, ruffed grouse, native brook trout, or any other "iconic" symbols of the Big Woods, you can read about it here.

I love the Big Woods. In 2010, I bought a camp in northcentral Pennsylvania near the headwaters of a stream my family has fished since the 1960s and a region where my great-grandfather had hunted grouse as early as the 1930s. These woods are in my blood and as essential to my well-being as breathing. If you enjoy these things as much as I do, or just have an appreciation for wild places and the wildlife that lives there, this blog is for you.

Every week, I'm looking forward to bringing you interesting content about the Big Woods. Along the way, you'll meet numerous guest bloggers who will share their wisdom and experiences. Our goal is and always will be to educate, entertain, and help you enjoy the Big Woods as much as we do.

It's going to be a fun ride. I'm glad you're with us.


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