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Just A Log

I often complain about black bears toying with my trail cameras. Many times, I find cameras tilted, twisted, dangling, or hanging where I left them, and pointing at nothing in particular, or just at the ground. Or, the most frustrating, at a clump of weeds that moves in the slightest breeze -- checking 2,000 photos of grass is a tedious task.

But every now and then something unique happens. The bear moved this particular camera just enough to change the angle. In this case, when the bear swatted the camera, the camera swiveled to focus on a rotting log rather than the deer trail.

There was nothing special about this log, no different than any others, but it was amazing how wildlife seemed to flock to it. It was located on the edge of some thick brush and a woods opening. I got photo after photo of squirrels, birds, bears, frogs, lizards, mice, and bucks over a two week period. Approximately a hundred photos of various species of wildlife. Not bad for just a random log!

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